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Seafood Delicacies

All entrees served with long grain basmati rice.

Please tell us how you would like your entrée spiced…Mild, Medium, Hot or Indian Hot.                                                               


60. SHRIMP MASALA   $17.99                                                        

Shrimp simmered in a tomato and cream sauce, with touch of onions, pepper and fenugreek leaves.

61. SHRIMP PATIA  $17.99                                                           

Shrimp sautéed with sweet and sour mangoes, touch of ginger, scallion and spices.

62. SHRIMP DHANSAK   $17.99                                                         

Large shrimp marinated in honey, vinegar and spices and cooked with lentils,  a sweet and sour taste.

63. SHRIMP KARAHI   $17.99                                                    

Jumbo shrimp sautéed with onion, bell pepper, tomato, ginger-garlic and herbs.

64. SHRIMP KORMA    $17.99                                                  

Shrimp simmered in a mild cream sauce, garnished with cashew and raisins.

65. FISH TIKKA MASALA   $17.99                                              

Pieces of salmon roasted in our clay oven and simmered in a tomato and cream sauce.

66. SEAFOOD VINDALOO   $17.99                                                

Jumbo shrimp, scallops and fish cooked with potatoes in a spiced tangy sauce.

67. COCONUT SHRIMP or FISH    $17.99                              

Tender pieces of shrimp or salmon, prepared in a special aromatic coconut sauce in madras style.

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