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Tandoori Specialties 

All entrees served with long grain basmati rice and special masala sauce.



41. CHICKEN TIKKA   $15.50                                                

Boneless, succulent breast of chicken marinated in our special recipe and  broiled to perfection in the Tandoor.

42. SALMON TIKKA  $18.99                                                           

Boneless fresh salmon marinated in aromatic herbs and species, then broiled  in the Tandoor.

43. SEEKH KEBAB   $16.99                                                       

Minced lamb mixed with onions, delicately spiced with herbs, then roasted on skewers in our Tandoor.

44. JUNGLE KEBAB   15.99                                                     

Chicken breast marinated with yogurt, ginger, garlic, mint, cashew, herbs and  spices,  then roasted in clay oven.

45. TANDOORI CHICKEN   $15.50                                       

Half spring chicken marinated in yogurt and mild spices, roasted in Tandoor.

46. TANDOORI SHRIMP $18.99                                                      

Jumbo shrimp marinated in herb mixture and delicately broiled in our clay oven

47. TANDOORI MIXED GRILL $18.99                               

Assorted tandoori varieties from above chicken, shrimp and lamb.

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