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20. RAITA   $2.99                                                      

Refreshing homemade yogurt with grated cucumbers and herbs.

21. MANGO CHUTNEY   $2.99                                               

Sweet and mildly spiced mangoes and herbs. 

22. ACHAR   $2.99                                                        

Hot and spicy mixed Indian Pickle.

23. PAPADUM   $2.99                                           

Crisp lentil wafers lightly spiced.

24. HOT SAUCE   $1.99         

Homemade spicy chutney with sun dried peppers.


.25. ONION CHUTNEY   $2.99

Onion and tomato relish with spices.

26. MINT CHUTNEY   $2.99

Blend of mint, cilantro , seasoned herbs and spices.


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